We all want to be the best tipster, we all believe that we’re the ones with the most knowledge making football betting tips forecasts and that we’re going to earn money by betting easily. There are already many questions that have come to me in the mail asking about how to bet on football, so I decided to make this post with a series of tips based on my experience.

And I say based on my experience because it’s what has worked more than eight years for me that I have been betting with positive results. But you very possibly have other ways. In this very world, there is no any magic formula to make money betting on football or another sport, so you must adjust your skills to what best suits you.

Football betting tips

But if you do not win with your own bets system, you can earn money using some other ways, for the latest odds in football and all premier league matches you can visit 188bet. Bellow is the Basic tips for betting on football;

1. Do Not Bet On Your Favorite Team

If you bet with the heart, the most certain thing is that in the long run, you end up losing. With your favorite team, you lose objectivity, and you will always give more possibilities than you really have, so the fee has no value. One of the rules that are marked by great tipsters is never to bet on games in which they play their team. The bookmakers often play with this factor and touch the sensitivity with offers to fall into temptation. My recommendation is to leave the feelings aside.

2. Avoid Low Odds To Favorites

In the long term, it’s difficult to obtain profitability at quotas lower than 1.50. To have a good yield with this type of bets you have to have a very high percentage of hits, and that a bet is a favorite does not ensure that it’ll come out. You have to look for the value, the probability that you think an event has is higher than what the betting houses say, and at such low fees, it’s difficult to keep it. Personally, I prefer to go to bets that raise the quota, with a handicap for example, which go to low fees.

3. Do Not Combine Events

To begin with, because of my experience, I am anti-combined, partly because I am a denier and partly because I believe that with the combination of the quotas they lose their value. But in itself, soccer is not the most recommended sport to play with combinations, especially in the events of 1 X 2 since there are 3 possibilities and therefore the percentage is reduced. There are people that put pasture to combine victories of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid for sure when the odds often do not even reach 2, and the risk is high.

4. Bet Only On Leagues That You Follow

The people who bet on the Finnish second division do not enter my head. Do you really think you have enough knowledge to be able to predict that game? Come on, no way. Focus on those competitions that have a certain domain, that you know the teams, their tendencies, and information of casualties/sanctions. The rest is to win ballots to burn your money. Because you beat several days without betting, it does not stop the world.

5. Do Not Trust Statistics So Much

If your argument to bet in favor of something is based on statistics, you are inferior to betting houses. They handle much more statistical data information than you plus the power to know where users are betting. The statistics should serve to support the argument, but should never be the main and only argument.

6. Journalists Do Not Know About Betting

The bookmakers have been relying on the image of journalists like the well known Neville, Carragher or others so with their knowledge of football they can give forecasts to bet on matches. Their numbers are for throwing themselves when they cry. That they know a lot about football does not mean they know how to bet. Do not trust them because they are always behind the betting houses also, and evidently, they do not care that their gurus give so many successes. Also applicable to radio programs and TV games where they tell you that live betting is the best bets for a game.

7. Live Bets Only For Matches That You Already Had Studied

Live bets can be a huge hole to lose money. Too many factors add up, so you end up making bets while being hot that you later regret. You have to be very cold-blooded and know how to read the matches well to scratch profits. My recommendation is that you only bet live when you were going to make a pre-match bet, and the fee did not become good enough to enter.

8. Do Not Try To Recover Losses Like Crazy

The bets always have to look long term. An error that many people make is to try to recover the losses they have had as soon as possible, and that results in more losses. Losing €50 and betting €100 to recover them is not the solution, also, when you are denied, and nothing comes in, you have a good chance that you keep losing. Always work with a stake control and do not do crazy things.

9. Keep Statistics Of Your Bets

Whatever you bet, You can do it with a simple excel or with any web page that offers this service. You must do it to keep track of your bets and to know in which sports or competitions you are great. When you carry a high volume of bets, you will start to see that there are leagues where you have a higher yield and others where the losses are high.

10. Establish A Budget Before You Start Looking At What Website To Bet On

You want to decide the amount you’re willing to invest. If perhaps you are starting with online bets, your budget should be much lower at the beginning to be increased little by little with experience. Of course, the bigger the bet, the more you win, but start by stepping on it and then you will be emboldened. Conclusively, with the cold mind, it’s much easier to act with sanity. Do not let yourself be carried away by the emotions of the live betting. Having this information is vital to get to know you better and make the most of your skills.

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